We already have available the new letter of Clash Royale El Verdugo . It seems that we have a great letter between us so let’s start talking about it and see what it is capable of.

The executioner is available in Arena 9, the new jungle sand . If we talk about drinks will be available from the 2600 drinks. As many will know the Executioner is an epic letter and its description says the following:

Throw your ax like a boomerang, hitting all the enemies on the way and on the turn. It’s a miracle he does not miss an arm.

In its first level it has the following characteristics:

  • 760 life.
  • 44 x2 damage per second.
  • 106 x2 area damage.
  • 2.6 attack speed.
  • Earth and air goals.
  • Average speed.
  • Scope 5.
  • Display time 1s.

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The use of the Executioner

As you will have seen in the letter specifications both damage per second and area damage puts “x2” this is caused by the throwing of your ax. It will cause damage to the going and, as if it were a boomerang, will cause damage to the return. The speed of the attack is quite slow, similar to that of the Lanzarocas.

It is a card that has a blunt area damage, we should take advantage of it to attack many units together instead of attacking a giant.

After testing the executioner against other cards in the arena, with clear tournament rules, I can tell you curious things to keep in mind.

  • The executioner can kill 4 barbarians without problems, as long as they are thrown right over them as when attacking sparks .
  • It is a perfect card to get rid of henchmen, the hordes of henchmen and of course the army of skeletons.
  • The Goblins and Archers will also die when attacked with this card, even if they attack in groups.

Letters to counter the executioner

After playing a few games we can also recommend letters to face the Executioner.

  • The mini PEKKA ends quickly with the Executioner, for me one of the best cards to use against him.
  • The knight will finish the executioner, it is another good card to make him relatively easy counter.
  • The Valkyrie will also win in a one-on-one matchup.
  • The Lanzarocas can with the Executioner although it is almost totally without life.
  • A duel between the mosque and executioner will cause the two cards to be killed at once.

Decks with hangers

Verdugo – Poison – Mosquetera – Miner – Oven – Trunk – Spirit of ice – Minions: An average elixir cost deck of 3.3. If you realize you have enough cards to make good defense and between miner and poison can do much damage to your tower in attack. The rest is already combining them intelligently. In this deck it is important that you use the miner to damage many units at once and together with the furnace and trunk we will liquidate the enemies.

Verdugo – Knight – Minions – Download – Ice golem – Oven – Cemetery – Fireball: This is an average elixir cost deck of 3.5. As you can see is a very versatile deck in both attack and defense. On the one hand we always have to go putting the oven to distract the enemy and while doing little by little damage with the graveyard and if we can throw ice golem or knight and behind the executioner. With the other cards we can play for attack and defense.

We leave you a video of alvaro845 where he talks about the new card and plays a couple of games against WithZack.


I hope you liked this video. Remember to discover more in our section of the best guides of Clash Royale . Leave your comments on the decks and any doubts that arise about the use of the executioner. Until the next gamers!